This site features original wildlife paintings by Lance Bragg. The paintings as depicted are essentially meditations on wildlife in general, and reflect the artists take on painting  what remains of our embattled planets wildlife resources. Wildlife exists in spite of us, not because of us, although in the future, this might be reversed. The artist paints wildlife subjects as he finds them, unsentimentally, relying  more on technique than style except as it naturally occurs from past influences, as he develops the paintings. Wildlife art and painting have been interests of Lance Bragg for several decades.  After a career in advertising and editorial illustration he decided to pursue wildlife painting as an avocation. The son of award winning water colorists Eve & Bob Bragg, he was inspired by their wildlife painting and prints. His parents had some coffee table books by a well known wildlife artist that he found particularly inspiring. Lance feels that he drew everything on earth at least twice in his professional illustration career with the exception of wildlife subjects he could turn into paintings. His appetite for wildlife art & painting remains undiminished even though the hard realities of the current economic times have undoubtedly adversely impacted wildlife art sales.  Beyond that, he feels that world overpopulation will probably mean that this current crop of wildlife artists just might be the last, due to species extinction. Lance hopes to uphold the standard of wildlife painting while a vestige of the former glory of the planet still remains, and in some small way to help perhaps to conserve the natural world around us by inspiring others through his paintings.


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